A public 200 years of non-heritage technology, the national good mutton is different!


On August 26, 2023, a milestone day for the instant-boiled mutton industry, good mutton finally has a standard to follow.

Under the witness of leaders, industry experts and 100 witness officers, the non-heritage lamb group standard conference sponsored by Beijing Food Society was successfully held!

During the Yangfang Victory 5 generations, inherited 200 years of exclusive intangible heritage skills, open to the whole society, and share with the whole industry!




No good lamb

Yang fang victory would rather not open the door

From a small shop of 15 square meters, the development of the industry rules, the meeting on Yang Fang victory founder Li Shengli, looking back on the 39 years of entrepreneurial process can not help but sigh: "Do not forget the original heart, it is very simple to say, but adhere to is very difficult." However, Yangfang triumphantly held on for 39 years.

For 39 years, Yangfang Shengli has only used the black-headed white sheep raised for 180 days in Xilin Gol Shawo Ranch, which is what the herdsmen call "panda sheep". "Without good mutton, Yangfang victory would rather not open the door." This is the founder Li Shengli's declaration is also a portrayal of the success of Yang Fang entrepreneurship. Over the past 39 years, Yangfang Victory has walked slowly and steadily.



Yang Fang victory two generations of masters, know that "high trees will be Yin, a single wood is not forest." The truth. Only Yangfang Victory itself is far less meaningful than as an industry standard setter, driving the common prosperity of the industry, so that more diners can eat sweet and good mutton.



So that diners do not have to rush for a good bite of lamb; For the industry can go further; It is for more people to feel the happiness brought by the victory of good mutton. Yang Fang victory at the meeting will be non - heritage technology open to the whole society.



Standardization and openness

Let the whole industry enjoy the assets left by the ancestors

Why disclose the non-legacy party at the bottom of the box? This is the question of many people, Yang Fang Victory founder Li Shengli see very transparent, "the legacy of craftsmanship is the experience and inheritance of the older generation, it should not only belong to me or Yang Fang Victory, but should be made public through appropriate forms; Only with the promotion of this industry can the overall prosperity of the catering industry be achieved, and the technical heritage can last forever only if it is integrated into the long river of Chinese national food culture!"



Behind such confidence, Yangfang has been victorious for decades, and has adhered to the inheritance and preservation of the whole process of traditional skills inherited from the selection of sheep breeds to herding, to ancient processing and unique meat matching technology, until the production and serving of the table, forming today's intangible heritage skills.



This whole process of intangible heritage technology, by the Beijing Food Society, Beijing College of Agriculture, food source research Institute and other professional institutions experts, conducted a large number of tests, tests and investigations, after several expert reviews and scientific demonstration, and finally formed an objective, scientific and rigorous "Beijing Yangfang Shengli intangible heritage grassland sheep group standard". To become an industry standard for the natural husbandry of grassland sheep and make it public.



In the words of Li Jinglei, general manager of Yangfang Victory: "This standard embodies the efforts of five generations of Yangfang Victory and the real taste bud witness of millions of customers."



There is a unique skill is not strictly guarded, but to the whole society to open the move was widely supported by the experts.

"We hope that more enterprises in the same industry will join the standard alliance to jointly improve the standardization level of lamb products and promote the overall quality and safety level of the industry to a new level." It is a call given by experts in deep nutrition.





The regular customers are

Yangfang victory's greatest wealth



The original intention of "no good mutton, Yangfang victory does not open the door" has persisted for 39 years, and customers who really understand meat have also supported it for 39 years. The young man who once took a bus for half a day to go to Yangfang for a meal of shabu meat has now become a regular customer who has three generations of victory fans.




The real protagonist of the conference site is 100 witness officers representing millions of victory fans. Most of them are decades of old customers, enjoy the happiness brought by real good mutton, silently supporting the victory of Yangfang step by step to today. Hearing about this grand event, they even made a special trip from Shanxi and Shandong.



Non-heritage lamb group standard conference was successfully held, Yangfang Victory with standards to drive the industry, feedback to consumers efforts have just begun.



The brand of Yangfang victory is called out by the old customers. We will not forget where we come from, so we must turn the most cherished skills into more standardized industry rules, into a dining experience without stepping on the thunder, dedicated to thousands of people who have supported us along the way, so that more people can appreciate the happiness brought by the victory of good mutton.


Victory is for those who know meat

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