Front desk buddy, waiter, waiter

6000-7000 yuan/month

Minimum Education:

Not limited to

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

Not limited to

Anrina 8-31 11:51:01
Education: Unlimited
Demand: 15+
Experience: Unlimited

【 Recruitment position 】
Front desk buddy, waiter, waiter

【 Job Content 】
1, the front of the restaurant service work, reception order, serving food and other basic work.

【 Job Requirements 】
1.16-45 years old, male and female, good appearance
2. No obvious tattoos, dyed hair, hard-working, fluent expression
3. Adapt to fast-paced work in service industry
4. In good health, you need to apply for a health certificate and hold a certificate to work

【 Salary and Welfare 】
1. Comprehensive 6000-7000, large promotion space
2. Dormitory is close to the environment is good, package food package